Our Bakers & Cooks

Meet Some of the Team of Bakers and Cooks at Reesor’s!

All of the fresh soups and entrees, fresh bread, muffins, and cookies sold at Reesor’s are made in our own premises on Ringwood Dr. right here in Stouffville. We have an amazing team of bakers and cooks who work together, talk about food together and who keep the kitchen and bakery humming. They are our key food producers working from early in the morning to make the best and most delicious food in small batches for true homemade taste.

Lisa, one of our cooks says that, “I like the challenge and the fun of the Christmas baking season at Reesor’s because it’s a chance to come up with new ideas that our customers will like.” Christina, who graduated from the Pastry Arts Management program at George Brown College sums it up, “We take pride in our work and we are here to do a good job, but at the same time we are like family caring about each other.”