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Reesor’s Farm Market had its beginning back in 1985 with sweet corn as our main crop. We sold it, freshly picked, off a farm wagon at the side of the road.  You can still get our corn off a wagon, but now our corn wagon is inside our farm market where we offer freshly picked sweet corn from mid-July and usually until Thanksgiving.

We know you love sweet corn’s great taste as much as we do, so continue reading to become a true sweet corn connoisseur.

Sweet Corn Varieties

There are three types of  sweet corn which have either white and yellow kernels (peaches & cream), white kernels or yellow kernels. All of the corn we grow has peaches & cream kernels. Each day’s variety is listed on our corn information board inside the market so you can compare varieties and types.

At our farm, we grow many varieties of sugar enhanced and super sweet types of sweet corn. We begin the season with a sugar enhanced variety called Navajo which matures in mid- July. Then comes the super sweet Gourmet Sweet variety which has several varieties within it such as Awesome and Anthem that will take us deliciously through the end of the growing season. 

1. Sugar Enhanced Corn has very tender kernels and is sweeter than regular sweet corn. This corn seems to appeal to everyone.
2. Super Sweet Corn is a very sweet corn with firmer kernels. It may be described as having crunchy kernels. It will keep for several days in the refrigerator.
3. Normal Sugar Corn has good corn flavour which is best when eaten soon after being picked (sugar changes to starch over time). If picked when too mature the kernels will be tough or very chewy.

Sweet Corn FAQs

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is this corn Peaches & Cream?
A: Yes. All of our sweet corn is Peaches & Cream (meaning it has white and yellow coloured kernels on the same cob).

Q: Do I get a discount if I buy lots of corn to freeze or for a party?
A: Yes. If you buy 10 dozen or more we give a discount. The more you buy, the greater the discount. Ask at the Market counter for more details.

Q: Will this corn still be good if I keep it for several days and then eat it?
A: Yes. You can eat it a few days later, but it will not have the same quality that it had the day you bought it. If you must keep it for a day or so, place it in the fridge unhusked and eat it as soon as you can. The sugar in the kernels begins to change to starch immediately after the corn is picked. Eat it freshly picked for best flavour!

Q: When is the best time to freeze corn?
A: Mid and late season corn has better freezing and eating quality than the early varieties.

How to Select Your Sweet Corn:

  1. Ask when corn was picked to determine its freshness. At Reesor’s, at the season’s peak, our corn is always picked the day you buy it.
  2. Ask what type the corn is to determine its eating and storing potential. At Reesor’s look at our corn information board to determine the corn’s variety and type.
  3. Feel the top section of the ear to determine if kernels are filled out to the end.
  4. Choose a plump ear if you like kernels that are well developed. Choose a more slender ear if you like less developed and more tender kernels.

Fresh Ontario-Grown Sweet Corn
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